Fees & Booking

One term course

Total Course Length

Session Length

Course Fee

20 hours over 10 weeks

morning course 10.15 - 12.15


14 hours over 7 weeks

morning course 10.00 - 12.00



Fees are refundable only in exceptional circumstances. If a session has to be cancelled for any reason the course will be extended.

How to book a course online?

Click the button for your chosen course on the Autumn and/or Spring pages, this will open the enrolment page for the course on our national website. The enrolment page will open in a new window.

How to book a course by telephone?

We have a telephone number available for students who wish to pre-enrol and pay by telephone for any course. Please write down the course name and code (see the course pages). Enrolling by telephone takes approximately 6 minutes.

The number is 0300 303 3464 (see faq's for opening times)

FAQ's about Online and Telephone Booking

Click for more information

How to book a course using the booking form?

Please use one booking form to book all the courses for one person. Photocopies are acceptable for additional people. Send it with the correct fee to the booking secretary:

Jane Powell,
Chanchal Cottage,
9 Back Lane,
CO3 4 DQ.
Tel. No: (01206) 564363

You do not need to send a separate cheque for each course, but, please send separate cheques for each person enrolling. Cheques should be made payable to Colchester WEA.

“First Come First Served”

You are strongly advised to book in advance as some courses fill up quickly and we are limited by the size of some rooms. Course places are allocated strictly in the order that booking slips and correct payments are received. We will send you details of your course a few weeks before the course starts, together with a syllabus and a book list.

Please note

Booking slips and cheques will not be processed until after August 1st and there could be some delay in cashing cheques due to the large numbers of enrolments.
We do not send out any acknowledgement of bookings. However, if the course you have requested is full we will contact you quickly and discuss alternatives. If you would like a confirmation of your booking please send a SAE to the booking secretary or email: weacolchester@gmail.com
On the booking slip please indicate where you obtained your brochure or information about the courses.
For booking queries please phone Jane Powell: (01206) 564363

Data Protection

  • Our branch computer records are used for mailing and class list purposes. The personal information stored is limited to that provided on the course Booking form.
  • For mailing purposes your data is retained for three years and then deleted.
  • You are entitled on request to see the data relating to you.
  • In no circumstances is data ever divulged to a third party.
  • At your first class in each academic year you will be asked to complete a registration form for the WEA Regional Office which maintains a similarly protected data base. Paper records are destroyed after one year.

Free Course Places:
If you are in receipt of any of the following means-tested benefits, or are a dependent of someone who is, you are entitled to claim a free place.

Do you claim any of the following benefits?




Job Seeker’s Allowance

Show documents stating entitlement Job Centre Plus with National Insurance Number


Employment Support Allowance in the Work Related Activity Group

Show documents stating entitlement Job Centre Plus with National Insurance Number


Universal Credit

Show documents stating entitlement Job Centre Plus with National Insurance Number


Council Tax Reduction (not the 25% single occupancy discount)

Show council tax reduction bill or letter stating entitlement from your local council


Income Support

Show letter stating entitlement from Job Centre Plus


Housing Benefit

Show letter stating entitlement from Housing Department


Working Tax Credit

Show award notice from HM Revenue & Customs (household income under £15,276)


Pension Guarantee Credit only

Show pension credit award notice from Department of Work and Pensions


Asylum Seeker

Show Application Registration Card, Standard Acknowledgement Letter, or other evidence that your case is still under review - and the most recent post office receipt for Asylum Support


Unwaged dependent

As defined by Job Centre Plus of someone on one of the above

Please Note:
Making a false claim is an offence and you may be asked for evidence of your benefit status such as a letter from Job Centre Plus.

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