Courses Spring 2018

Thursday - 4th January

Shakespeare's Women - Ron Marks

Musical Postcards - Chris Green

Poetry and Landscape - Melissa Lloyd

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Friday - 5th January

Reading Old Handwriting - Part 3 - Patrick Denney

The World turned upside down: The British Civil Wars 1642-1649 - Simon Doney

The Role of Location Drawing in Art - Sue Pownall

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Monday - 8th January

Taking the Papyri: Life in Roman and Byzantine Egypt - Michael Bloomfield

Surrealism in Literature - Part 2 - Abbie Saunders

Great Music in Latin! A Detective Story - Bill Tamblyn

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Tuesday - 9th January

Story of Parliament Part 2 - Roger Cooke

Battle Skies of East Anglia 1939 - 1945 - Ian McLachlan
Please note: Start Date 6th February 2018

Democracy left and right, fascism and resurrections Part 2 - Nicholas Hyman

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Wednesday - 10th January

The Golden Age of Television Drama - David Read

Cinema and Religion - David Sharp

Literature and Revolution in Russia - Anat Vernitski

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